In this paper, I explore the structural and functional aspects of the hoplite shield, the single most important item in the Greek hoplite's panoply, to determine its efficacy in a combat environment. Through a set of controlled practical experiments, the effectiveness of the hoplite shield is tested to establish its defensive qualities vis‐a‐vis the long thrusting spear, the hoplite's


Our presenter presents his theory about the hoplite shield. Also known as the hoplon or aspis, it had a unique design of grip which requires some explanatio

The hoplite was a heavy infantryman. He was the crux of the center of warfare during in ancient Greece. The word hoplite was derived from the word hoplon meaning an item of armor or equipment. Thus, hoplite may also imply an armored man.

Hoplite shield

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However, the shield is not as effective against fire or magic damage (having 45% and 15% damage reduction respectively), and the shield does not protect the Hoplite from attacks from the rear. A hoplite’s most important piece of equipment, and what gave the hoplite its name, is the hoplon, the shield ().The shield was made of overlapping planks of wood covered in leather, with the face of the shield covered completely in a thin sheet of bronze. The shield is large, usually up to one metre in diameter, and features two grips: a central armband or porpax through which the left arm was thrust, and a a handle or antilabe near the rim for the left hand. The shield is regarded as the defining feature of the hoplite.

Hoplite shield design was incredibly varied. There seems little evidence of standardisation, at least up to and including the 5th century: each hoplite chose his own shield design. Plutarch tells the story of one Spartan who used a life-sized fly as his shield emblem:

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Hoplite shield

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Hoplite shield

The Hoplite army consisted of heavily armored infantrymen. Their armor, also called panoply, was made of full bronze, weighing nearly 32 kilograms (70 lb). The average farmer-peasant hoplite typically wore no armour, carrying only a shield, a spear, and perhaps a helmet plus a secondary weapon. Some hoplite spears were 9 feet long (2.7 m).

Hoplite shield

A hoplite's main weapon was his spear.
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Without the shield, the warrior in question cannot be referred to as a hoplite.
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1 okt. 2020 — Legendarisk hjältesjäl; Känd Warrior Soul; Storied Warrior Soul; Rödögd riddarskydd; Boletarian Royalty Armor; Ritual Blade; Hoplite Shield 

It featured two straps, one in the middle of the shield, and another on the outer edge which allowed a Hoplite to wear the shield on his forearm; putting the middle strap by his elbow and holding the outer strap in his hand. Greek Shield made from pine planks,for the coat i used chassis coat paint which is hard enouth but elastic too.Links to the blogs etc i found infohttp://www. 2015-05-22 The shields on their faces make it such that they are effectively always blocking.

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From the defensive weaponry of the hoplite, one of the most characteristic features was the shield or aspis, a large concave structure of wood, sometimes faced in 

Hi i was wondering why do you say that the soldiers carried an aspis when the hoplite shield was a hoplon. It was the Macedonian fhalangites that wore an aspis. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Andre Lemgård (talk • contribs) 06:33, 16 November 2009 (UTC) "aspis" means "shield". Every kind of shield can be an aspis. HOPLITE Level IIIA. Designed for immediate active shooter response, this exceptionally lightweight shield provides the ultimate combination of high performance protection, optimal functionality and usability. Contact Pro-Tech Sales for Quote.